This site has several sections which serve to:

  • Describe the life and accomplishments of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., which are depicted in the Showtime/Paramount motion picture Keep The Faith, Baby starring Harry Lennix and Vanessa Williams.

  • Introduce you to members of the Powell family, provide links to their own web sites, and allow you to ask them questions.

  • Provide links to other resources, such as (auto) biographies of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Sr., and other works authored by them or related to their lives.

This site will be updated frequently over the coming weeks and months, so be sure to check the What's New page regularly.

Keep the Faith, Baby

"Keep the Faith, Baby" is a Showtime original movie about the life of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. It stars Harry Lennix as Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Vanessa Williams as his wife Hazel Scott. It will run on Showtime at the following times:

February 2002:  March 2002:  February 2003:
Sunday 2/17 8:00 PM   Tuesday 3/12 6:00 PM  Thursday 2/13 7:15 AM
Wednesday 2/20 8:00 PM  Sunday 3/17 4:00 PM  Thursday 2/13 3:30 PM
Saturday 2/23 12:15 PM  Saturday 3/23 9:30 AM  Monday 2/17 1:45 PM
Thursday 2/28 8:15 AM   Friday 3/29 8:00 PM  Wednesday 2/19 8:00 AM
Thursday 2/28 6:00 PM       Saturday 2/22 6:05 PM